Friday, May 11, 2012

Breast Cancer Survivor Commission in Progress

Prayer boxes made out of cereal boxes and paper decoupage and paint

Butterfly watercolor for polymer clay/paper beads

Sisters, awaiting more embroider detail, hair, and clothing

kiss kiss
 Journals are not shown in this post;  they are coming along, too.  First stage of watercolor painting on 1/2 of the pages complete.  God boxes are awaiting further embellishment and detailing.  Boxes are about 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches by about 2 inches tall.  Little rag dolls will have brown hair and cotton rose printed scarves that match their dresses.  Their mini dresses and scarves will have pink ric rac and cream antique lace frill.  The jewelry seems to be my slowest in progress, but once I am satisfied that the butterflies are detailed enough, I will cut them out and make the polymer clay trays for them. 

This project has been so fun.  It is nice to make some new items.  I haven't actually made dolls before, just stuffed animals.  I love embroidering and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to revisit those skills.  We'll see how I do with the clothing.  I used to make Barbie doll dresses all the time.  That was when I was 10 and lived in Iowa.  Once I moved to Indiana right before entering the 6th grade, I didn't do as much sewing, unless it was to embroider dragons and rock and roll what not onto my jean jacket or pants. 

Thanks for checking out my stuff! Peace out~


  1. Wonderful! The dolls are just perfect, and the butterflies... I love them! Great job, Wendi!

  2. Love it all Wendi! how beautiful things you're creating the dolls are amazing! can't wait to see the final results the faces are so pretty!

  3. Hey Wendi! Nice post - I agree with Daniblu, especially the dolls' eyes are very pretty :)

  4. Thank you everyone! I will be sad to say good bye to the sweet girls...I'll just have to make more.