Friday, December 12, 2014

Lyrics in Frosty Weather

Cutting the fog
Disturbing its presence
Clock is rising
Frost is melting
Unable to face the pavement
I trampled abandoned beans
No one was hunting
It is Friday in December
I wouldn't be shot
Dogs keep stopping to pee
Reality distraction or grounding
I am not sure
So afraid of the pen
The ink is dark and wet
In the field my words
Out loud are silent
My choice to remember
To stab at it

Waiting Mind

Art is like stealing
Seductive and wrong
Practical survival
Requires certain absence
Silently tormented
No one would know
All vision is distorted
Lies we tell
To cover our stories

Box Cake and Polyester

I'm allergic to cake
Red velvet cake
I'm covered in boils
Too listless to crumble walnuts
Musts to contain myself
Keep up with the madness
Stay on track
Read your books
Be on time and go to bed
Walk the dogs and do the laundry
It happens every time
Come to find
It is the dye
No longer can I
Wear my clothes

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Believe in One Day

One day, dear Eliza, your old poems will be rewritten
Your tears will be forgotten
The dust falling in the sun of the open window
Will be
Just dust

Not a passenger ship to ride to the past
Where you can hide
Near Betsy's house
Catching butterflies as big as your hands
Holding, softly, just their bodies
Don't touch the wings

You believed you were a dog
Wearing a blue zippered suit
Everyone was fooled
Run, "Rwoof, rwoof!" through the yard

Today is changed
Paper promises
Coming true
Like the stones in the water
And your face, wet, on the linoleum
You kiss with a smile