Friday, March 25, 2011

Artist websites of interest for the week

I was browsing some artist websites and came across this site.  Her work spoke to me.  I possess an affinity for antique fabrics and textures.  Her theme of work aligns with my current state of creativity brewing, so I am thankful to have come across her work.  I love media that you can touch, smell, taste, and or hear with your eyes, in addition to just see.

I also researched this artist after my daughter brought home her library book Pink and Say.  Toward the end of reading this book I had to hesitate while reading.  Finally, my daughter asked, "Mom are you crying?"  I was.  Her illustrations are great and her stories are so relevant to the heart of a child or a person, at least this person.  The author didn't write her first story until she was 41 years old.  Whew that means there is hope for me, too.

I truly believe there are no coincidences.  What I experienced by visiting these websites were just what I needed.  For that I am grateful. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My husband Cliff drew this picture of the kids. 

Nantucket 1999

This little pastel used the same paper from Counter at Home.  It was painted around the same time, early 2005.

Counter at Home

Sometime shortly after the birth of my son, Max in 2004, I painted this on an approx. 6"x8" piece of 70lb cotton paper with oil pastels.  This was an old coffee maker and canister set.

Outer Banks 1994

Acrylic/Oil on stretched cotton sheet over lumber.  Approx size is in the 3 foot range.  Painted 1994 in Terre Haute from the memory of spending time alone on the beach  near Nags Head, NC during the end of summer of 1994.  This place isn't something I actually saw.  The coloring in this photo is too yellow.  Artist's collection.

So Sad or Martians Crying

This painting is not quite 5 feet tall, but very near.  It is made of cotton bedsheet stretched on lumber.  The paint is a mixture of underlying acrylic home decor paint with some oil on the top with mineral spirit cut white oil-stencils and brushes applied the paint.  1995.

Dreaming of Transformation

This little painting (approx 16x20in) was created while spending the summer in Winchester, VA.  It is painted with a mixture of paints (spray, acrylic and alkyds), utilizing stencils sticks and regular paint brushes.  This painting was one I remember really enjoying my time creating.  I gave it to a friend, Irish.  I hope someone still enjoys it, somewhere.

Shenandoah Conservatory Grounds at Night by the Crawdads

Spay paint, acylic and rogue paint using grasses as screens and tools on stretched canvas over lumber.  1994, size is approx 2'x2'.  This painting was gifted to Irish McGrew (sp) who resided on Maple Street on the North side in Terre Haute in the 1990's.  After my husband and I left town in 1995, we last heard he had moved to St. Mary's of the Woods to reside.  Irish did some janitor work at the Art Annex at ISU.  My husband, who was a graduate student in the Woodworking/Furniture Design program under Jack Gates, a sculpture in wood from Louisiana, became one of Irish's roommates at the house on Maple Street.  Dreaming of Transformation was also gifted to Irish in 1995.

High School Girl Dresser

Oil pastel painting on cotton paper roughly executed 1989

The Ships on the Horizon

Three Ships was painted 1992, second year at ISU, pursuing Art History and Studio Painting degrees.  It is canvas stretched over lumber frame approx size 2.5'x3.25'.  Material is a rogue collection of acrylic/tempera underpainting with possible oil added to top layers.  This painting was given to a friend.

Blue Adam

Adam is a little more relaxed with us, now.  1993.  size is roughly in the 3 foot arena-bedsheet stretched on homemade lumber stretcher.

Adam on 2 canvas

I painted this using a rogue collection of acrylic paints and house paints lying around in the shared studio at Indiana State.  Adam was one of the models, our teacher, Janet, frequently hired.  Sometimes it was painful to paint him, because it looked difficult for him to sit in front of us naked.  1993ish  each canvas was approximately 18"x24".  Photo shoot doesn't completely show one of the canvas.

Tragic event

A Cold Little Lonely Barn-Pre Winter in Terre Haute.  I painted this with a variety of water soluble paints and possible some nastier paints on stretched cotton bedsheets on a homemade frame.  Size is roughly 3.5'x5'.  A crow lies dead by the shrinking pond.  He is cut away from another painting and glued to the surface.  The shrinking pond existed near the Wabash near West Terre Haute.  All the fish were drowning.  This was painted 1995.


Precious was painted in 2005 for friend and coworker, Kim.  Precious was a gift for her husband's parents.  The edge of the canvas is flocked in crimson.  This painting is acrylic on 16"x20" canvas.


Howard was painted in 2005 for coworker friend, Kristin.


How do you keep in the
Arms of the Lord
When there is
Blood everywhere?

How do I stop blaming
You and hear you whisper
My name?

I think the stars are
Farther away, but
I've lost my sight to

Will you tell me again?
I heard you once before-
You said, "You'll be OK
No matter what."

That is what I
Have to hold.


I'm still here
You're still there
There is nothing
I need from you

I see the light
Through the window
Across the yard

It keeps me up at night


I want to love you
But I don't know how anymore
I can feel the pain in my heart
When I realize I'm not breathing anymore

I left my dreams before I made them
So far away
I don't even know them anymore
They don't matter anymore

I see a little boy in black and white
Fine white hair flying up in the back
I can feel the hole burning in my heart
In the middle of my chest
In the scars in my lungs
Its just a moving picture of old you
A memory I never had

I keep looking for myself through haircuts
Starting over, trying to recognize
I rub my arm, breathe deeply to a count of 7
Convincing myself I'm still here


Shannon Estelle
Shannon Estelle
Your tiny fingers
I laid upon my thumb
I examined every one

You were gone
Already gone
This we all knew
Yet, the preacher
Just rambled on

Shannon, oh, Shannon
Alizarin Crimson
At sunset or sunrise
I paint you in the air
Too thin for tears to be