Monday, May 16, 2011

Study at the Botanical Gardens

It has been raining for most of this year's spring.  On Sunday I took my daughter and son to the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens to utilize our new sketch books.  There is an art exhibit in June for a Daylily Festival, so we were out doing some flower research.  It is difficult to do justice for the experience by describing it with words.  It was drizzling on and off, there were bird feeders visited by birds, rocks to climb, a pond, and plenty of blooming flowers to sketch.  I also have to mention we were the only people in the park.  The weather was chilly, but we came prepared with coats and umbrella.  We all went home wet and smiling with a few damp sketches in our bound books.  The pieces to come out from the experience with be a success, if only because of the memory behind them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Accounting Clerk

I keep the books for my clients
Pretending to be an accountant
I chose to do this
I did
Numbers are good

12 crows
3 ships
1 moon
I’ve painted all these things
I did

I had a friend who’s a doctor
Once we were poets
Who keeps track of all the wires
How do they do that
Don’t worry

He said not to wonder
Such things are not for me
Noah and Fargo, smart  kids
On a swing and a moon
I feared

A swing and a moon
My heart in my throat
Just kids in the sand
Arms and legs
I love

The clock is ticking
The mirror holds a reflection
How much life is an illusion
Blood feeds and takes away
I know


While browsing on the internet yesterday, I came across Kate Raudenbush, artist.  Her work and words spoke to the very aching which has taken up refuge in my heart over the last few weeks or longer and pushed open the window another inch.  She is a loving and thorough artist, responsibly contributing to humanity.  I utilize yesterday's experience as a sign that I am on the pursuit.  Whew, what a relief! I celebrated with Sirsasana-30 breaths!  For me this is accomplishment I will capture and own!

For years I have been researching my ancestry, the Siege of Leningrad, and the Balkan and Rwandan nightmares of the 90's, and many other unnamed anthropological instances.  In this time, while consciously holding the hand of the one who gives life to breath, I've dove into yoga practice and eaten so many novels, frivolous and not so.  In 2011, I've begun researching and contacting artists thriving and producing in this current collection of time.  Most of my contact has been to thank the artist for creating and putting their work and story out for the public eye and to ask for personal encouragement, which they gave.   I will continue developing an installation.  It is very exciting to create art and I am shedding the guilt that pollutes my mind into thinking I've not been working.  That is just a lie.