Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Wander Dream

I look out the window
So high off the ground
I watch through the
Snow-strained branches
Of the tallest tree
Within reach through the panes

No one is out there
This mid-afternoon
The neighborhood is napping

I try, but am unable to dial the phone
I hear someone slowly
Climbing the stairs
I remain hunched on the beanbag
Watching the snow
Feeling alone

I’d rather climb down those branches
Than go out the front door
I am waiting where I should not be

The Siblings

My children see small things, too
They find laughter under stones
The young one brings the old one comfort
And the old one protects the young one.
Partners holding tight to each other
In our spinning world

Like a Mouse

I see the mother of one of my friends in my dreams
Rearranging thrift shop antiques in the crannies
of a giant old house on college row
The kind partitioned into a labyrinth of dorms
I'm always getting lost in a twisty attic
Equiped with an "Alice in Wonderland" hidden door
I always try to catch her
I long to talk to her
I'm moving too slowly
She can't hear me and she leaves
before I can grasp her shoulder

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I watched Shannon’s cherry tree
Swaying softly next to the yellow bananas
Hanging by the window sill

The peanut butter slid down
The back of my throat and
Under my tongue
I was thirsty more than hungry
But I wanted to eat something first
The jar of peanut butter was all
That was ready and

It wasn’t what I wanted
I scooped out another spoonful
And licked it slowly
Go outside and
Join the others weeding
The garden lining the drive


I ride my bicycle so I think that I’m ok
I ride my bicycle to keep police away
I ride my bicycle so I can see
Much better in the dark
I ride my bicycle to take me someplace

If I had somewhere else to go
If I had somewhere else to go
If I had somewhere else to be
Then I wouldn’t be here

I live in a small town
I live all alone
I can keep busy during the day
But sometimes after 10 pm
When it is dark outside
I get a little freaky inside

There is a little bar on the other side
Where all the misfits go
I go there to dance my soul someplace
Somewhere far away

originally written unknown 2003-2004

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Fairy Tale

Max is 6 and wears a toddler shoe
Vowing to be small forever
The mad scientist has a plan
That will work

Eileen’s tears wish her life was
A fairy tale
Life is real
Life is real

What hour does the laughter curdle
And the sarcasm blacken bread

Little ribs
Little ribs
Tickle tickle tickle
A motor boat and
Rubber fish in the tub

Alice the toad
Lives in the tree root
The hummingbird
Does come to eat

Leave us alone
We want to do
What we want to do
We want to play
Now go away

Feelings Faces

Use your faces she instructed
The faces just make me laugh
I really don’t know what they mean
Do you have the answer sheet

They’re on the door
They’re even labeled
It is really so

I scold you
While I’m laughing
Serve grave illness
With a smile

Please don’t dish me
It’s my right to

Wait, something feels wrong
I’ve suppressed a distant rumble
Swallowing the broken bottles
I’ll be swimming at the bottom

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I remember the day I said 
to Shannon
I remember the day we 
Could only count a few
Then we counted many
Then we counted more
Until we couldn't count one
For their blackness
Covered the whole horizon 
Between the meadow and the sky
As we stood on the hill on
Edith Avenue on a warm
Gray orange treed day
I remember how we turned our backs 
to them
I remember the Sarsaparilla and 
Prickly Pear pop we shared
On our way back to the place
We'd been two or three miles ago
The time of day had changed-
We found the sky empty
Quiet and gray 
Lonely before night and winter 
We walked home faster without words
Hands anxiously entwined
I was glad the swirly mass was gone
But today I'm not
-originally written 10-12-1995