Sunday, June 26, 2011


I remember the day I said 
to Shannon
I remember the day we 
Could only count a few
Then we counted many
Then we counted more
Until we couldn't count one
For their blackness
Covered the whole horizon 
Between the meadow and the sky
As we stood on the hill on
Edith Avenue on a warm
Gray orange treed day
I remember how we turned our backs 
to them
I remember the Sarsaparilla and 
Prickly Pear pop we shared
On our way back to the place
We'd been two or three miles ago
The time of day had changed-
We found the sky empty
Quiet and gray 
Lonely before night and winter 
We walked home faster without words
Hands anxiously entwined
I was glad the swirly mass was gone
But today I'm not
-originally written 10-12-1995

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