Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Gothic Bracelets Complete

This custom order was so fun.  I love trying out new ideas.  I especially appreciate that my client gave me the freedom with creativity.  The order was for a custom bracelet with direction including bats, skulls, raven, real rules.  So I started with polymer bats and birds and squarish beads with painted little honey bees and flowers.  When I began constructing the bracelet, the raven cracked on the hand dyed hemp.  WTH!  Ok, well it just chipped...sanded and glazed to fix.  Then I added the bat.  The bat just didn't look right.  This bracelet was made for an adult and the rest of the materials I was using were pretty sophisticated.  The bat was just awkward.  Plus since the crow cracked (this black clay I was using seems to be somewhat brittle), I didn't really trust bat wings on a bracelet that gets more hazardous wear and tear than a necklace.  So I busted the bat off the piece.  So I went from using all the suggested elements to eliminating 2 of them.

Earlier last week, I finished painting some Mexican sugar skulls while watching Frank Zappa's The Torture Never Stops with my husband.

Sugar Skulls polymer clay and acrylic paint

bats and birds and bees in background

Roses on the back of their heads

Well, I originally planned on stitching the honey bee beads to the macrame hemp bracelet, but I just had too many elements; they just didn't fit.  So, plan B was to just make another bracelet.  Below are the results.

Hand dyed hemp macrame bracelet

Velveteen flower made from Eileen's upcycled jeggings floss and beads

Blue gothic bracelet

Bohemian charm

very cool all the way around

So since I couldn't figure out how to keep the flow together and uncluttered, I made a second bracelet.  Here is the 2nd additional bracelet:

silver wire wrapped tigerwire bracelet with moonstones

hand painted little bee beads

iridescent seed beed with labradorite, rainbow flourite, and amethyst chips

Bohemian elegance

star and colors add a touch of gothic romance


  1. Hey! I recognize those!!!! And the murdered crows too! You should brag. Bring on the goth!!!

  2. Ooooooh, very nice! I don't know how you make those, but glad you do - they are very cool!

  3. Those are both beautiful! I lovve the first one! I honestly couldn't picture how that would come together but I think its awesome!