Monday, May 16, 2011

Study at the Botanical Gardens

It has been raining for most of this year's spring.  On Sunday I took my daughter and son to the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens to utilize our new sketch books.  There is an art exhibit in June for a Daylily Festival, so we were out doing some flower research.  It is difficult to do justice for the experience by describing it with words.  It was drizzling on and off, there were bird feeders visited by birds, rocks to climb, a pond, and plenty of blooming flowers to sketch.  I also have to mention we were the only people in the park.  The weather was chilly, but we came prepared with coats and umbrella.  We all went home wet and smiling with a few damp sketches in our bound books.  The pieces to come out from the experience with be a success, if only because of the memory behind them.

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