Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally Painted Yesterday!

Yesterday I finally got to paint!  It has been a long time.  I seem to always find an excuse to do something other than paint with the ol' paint brush and paints.   Here is a picture of the kids and me, that Cliff shot, while we were working.  Friday nights might be craft night:

I'm painting some little polymer clay animal totems that will be pendents for some kind of neck wear.  So far only the great horned owls are ready to be glazed with glass clear coat.  The sharks are almost done and the "rat" and barn owls have only solid undercoats (no detail) completed.  My husband doesn't seem to think these are very practical as far as time goes and what you get when you are done.  I am just delighted and thankful to paint, again, and to feel like the outcome was successful.  I am happy with the little horned owls.  Creating these brings me back to when I was a kid.  I collected little animal trinkets.  In my 6th grade yearbook I stated that I hoped I'd make greeting cards when I grew-up, so I think I would have thought making little animal sculptures was Super Cool!  My daughter agreed.  She is painting her own owl in the photo.  My son is doing an abstract painting.  He really has an eye for that abstract, which drives his sister crazy!

I've also been working on a new type of earring to add to my collection on Etsy.  STUDS!  I've had some issue with posts and finally resolved them.  I ordered some hypoallergenic titanium posts and nuts from Unkamensupplies ( on Etsy.  I've been wearing my test pair for awhile and am finally satisfied, so I just posted two pair today:  

I really love studs and I have a bunch of these in other clays ready to be baked and "posted." 

I also really miss writing and hope to do some more of that, too. 

Tonight, I went with my husband to listen to a man speak about changes he's made in his life and how having a faith in higher power has made all the difference in his life-the way it is today.  It was  very inspiration.  I am so thankful to have a God of my own understanding and to be free of fear in my life when I choose to grasp that freedom!  I wish peace and love and happiness to you all!


  1. I remember all of the little creatures that you used to create when we were kids. I was always trying to emulate your style!