Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Painted Owls

In addition to painting little owls and other animals, I've started coming up with some Yoga inspired works.  These two are available on Etsy:

My intent with these earrings was to incorporate some polymer lotus beads (cut from the same cane as the chakra choker shown below);  I liked the simple elegance of the alternating glass turquoise beads, and decided to leave them simple.  I finally got to use some of the fine silver ear hooks that I bought from French Hooks in Sterling Silver are the ones I chose to use and I think they really add to the elegance of the jewelry.

Making this choker was really fun.  I utilized some beads in my cache that I haven't tapped into since I've started on this jewelry extravaganza.  I really love the bright pink jade beads.  I ordered them from  BeadFrenz on Etsy (  This piece is really cheerful and full of positive energy!  The polymer clay abstract lotus inspired pendent gives it youthful charm without being childish.  The image is abstract enough, that if Yoga is not your thing, then we can call it an angel or a floral image.

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