Thursday, August 9, 2012

Glued Ego

Religion: illusion
Nationality: illusion
Tools striving for earthly godliness
Painting credos of tangible unreality
Scarred innocents
Chopped from divinity
Innocents gutted by obscene crossfire
War loses for us


  1. Religion is illusion, but nationality (ethnic identity) is not an illusion. There are different races and different ethnicities in this world and they are real, not imaginary. We should embrace our difference and live together.

  2. I believe you are correct. As an American, I don't know what it feels like to be so near the deep roots of my history. I feel disconnected from my personal ethnicity, even after researching its lateral travel. I apologize for the immaturity of my poetry reading like a blanket statement. Thank you for reminding me to wakeful and open-minded.

    I realize how important it is to share our thoughts and experiences with a conscientious intent to improve the world, rather than harm. Even though nationality feels to me like an illusion out of my grasp; I appreciate you pointing out my misperception of reality.