Friday, September 13, 2013

Why we run

Why we run

It's exciting; we notice the colors-
The lines-The new sparkles and shapes
Where we were blurs
We think we know it already
Nothing more over which to trip
We've memorized
blue or brown
Flickers of the eyes familiar

O'Henry reminded us to look
Simple short stories
about breathing, bricks, and falling leaves
Bah, why look?
It's stamped in our granted memory

Ouch, wait, that cuts too deep
You have found the stones in the field
It's my fault line
here, cover it with this handful of dirt
Come back to the deck and return to casual

Are you tired of running?
You will rest here atop the mountain
Near the cool summer lake
With the laughter and wine
Acquaintances' happy faces and hugs
This is home

Utopians also forget or miss the deadline
for Interpersonal Communications
Why what you loved most becomes annoying?
Feel that familiar scratching-itching
Wandering, again...

She loves you the most
Have you looked into her mirror?
She's shy and insecure
Caught in the Himalayan hair of her labyrinth routine
Odd things fall from her mouth
You seethe inside with disgust

Think of the story
Look at each page
Remove your fragile psyche
See the flowers under the snow

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