Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shenandoah Conservatory Grounds at Night by the Crawdads

Spay paint, acylic and rogue paint using grasses as screens and tools on stretched canvas over lumber.  1994, size is approx 2'x2'.  This painting was gifted to Irish McGrew (sp) who resided on Maple Street on the North side in Terre Haute in the 1990's.  After my husband and I left town in 1995, we last heard he had moved to St. Mary's of the Woods to reside.  Irish did some janitor work at the Art Annex at ISU.  My husband, who was a graduate student in the Woodworking/Furniture Design program under Jack Gates, a sculpture in wood from Louisiana, became one of Irish's roommates at the house on Maple Street.  Dreaming of Transformation was also gifted to Irish in 1995.

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