Friday, March 2, 2012

From Cliff's Timeline, I Pulled This Image; My Son's Last Sidewalk Masterpiece before Leaving Tennessee

This week had been...hmmm...can't really find the word for much...nope can't find the words.  

No real reason.  Many reasons I could try to say are the main contribution, but I don't really know.  Do we ever really KNOW.  That's ok, I am part of the flow.

It is tax season and I work in a tax office.  I've been going there for a couple years...since we left Tennessee in early June, 2009.  Today, I don't feel as smart as I did then.  I feel a little slower and less able to concentrate.  That isn't really true, but it is, in a way. I can't find the words.  Words are hard sometimes.  Words without hands and eyes, words without blues and screeches, words without heat and that's not true, words are good.  Words do those things.  The door is just closed right now-the keeper to that portal is just sleeping; she had a...week, too.  Maybe later I can visit and pull some words off her shelves and fill in the missing spaces on this blog.  

I'm not crazy, silly, we all have someone in our heads; it's us and it's the bigger than us.

I am very excited about living. 

I opened facebook and found this picture in the news feed.  My husband posted it on his timeline as a life event: Moved to Owensboro.  What a memory.  What a fantastic photograph for the refrigerator door in my mind.  That kid still misses Tennessee. He's pretty sure there is some sort of "haunt" in our new old house.  The hallway is more like a labyrinth of darkness which only becomes more fantastic as he collects more days to his earthly existence. He has grown so much in Kentucky...not enough to forget any moment of his first years alive.  That kid has so many closets and cupboards in his mind.  The architect of his brain was a master designer. 

We didn't ask the kids if they wanted to move.  No one asked me when we moved from North Dakota to Minnesota to Iowa...then to Indiana.  No opinion behind that statement, just stating.

Sometimes we don't need words of a spoken or written language; I suppose that is why there are a multitude of senses: the common ones and our very own that don't have labeling words.


  1. YOU my friend are an AMAZING writer!

    1. Thank you, that is very encouraging! (:

    2. Beautiful, I feel more connected to your soul right now than I ever have. That was simply beautiful. Words are good, sometimes they are the only thing that have gotten me out of bed. I feel so much of what you put in that entry on a daily basis. As I turn forty this year I wonder where all my words went? Where is the mind that 20 years ago swore she would write a Pulitzer prize winning novel? Where is the creativity that won awards and had such promise? Maybe one day sweet girl, we can grow old selling our wares and writing snipped for our own literary magazine. We can still dream right? I love you. And no, you're not crazy, your brilliant!

  2. "If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too." - Dr. Seuss