Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Favorite Part about Selling Something I've Made

I love to get items ready to ship.  It is completely feasible and reasonable to utilize items that get thrown in the trash. 

Earring tags are made using a fancy scissor and seam ripper (for the tiny holes securing the ear wires) on closure flaps from a box of tea.  Each pre-decorated flap caught my eye with a rambling floral scroll design; elegant findings are all over everyday trash.  An adorable little jewelry box is made recycling a mini candy box left over from the kid's Christmas stockings.  I tore off the old label paper and trimmed the box down, as it was a little too tall for my liking.  New wrapping for the box came courtesy of The Messenger Inquirer's little community newspaper which appears in my mailbox about once a week.   The unfilled crossword puzzle and photos from "Communities Past" section were chosen.  After gluing the paper to the box I dabbed it with acrylic craft paint and that's all there is to that.

In my sewing box, there are plenty of odds'n ends, hence sweet peach satin ribbon.  In my garden the lavender and rosemary are flourishing.  My daughter is pretty sure the lavender won't look so nice by the time the little gift arrives, but I still have faith in the postal system.

I don't love it when I have to wait until Monday to ship.

fancy earrings ready to ship

cute little box

wrapped and ready

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