Saturday, March 17, 2012

Purse in Progress: Getting Stuff Done-and Ode to Memories of a Basement in Franklin, TN

Here is just a quick snippet of a piece almost finished.  One more session of beading, then I can shoot it to post with pricing and info.

My friend Tambrea Egan taught me how to use my sewing machine.  Well, I pretty much can figure that stuff out, but she made it much nicer, by showing me how to use it correctly.  She taught me lots about fabric, something about selvage, and other terms I can't find in the brain at the moment.  You know the technical stuff that is important to know if you want to make something that isn't going to fall apart, like if you glue end wood to end wood.  I am forever grateful for the fun tutorials and honing up on our Spanglish.  Bonus is that we had so much fun in the studio.  I miss Franklin, Tennesse.  I love all my people there.

I love my people everywhere, don't think that I don't!  There is a basement room in the bottom of the church that ate Franklin where a bunch of crazy folk meet to talk about life and higher power and how good life can be.   Kind of like a there is a town in North Ontario...that's how it goes...

Anyway,  here are a few photos of my work in progress:

Please visit Tambrea's Custom Sewing (!/pages/Tambreas-Custom-Sewing/325803460794978) to see my friend's amazing work.  While I both love and possess the dexterity and skill to wield needle and thread as a tool in my creative process, my friend has the formal training and professional skills necessary for this sewing business.


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  2. I have to ask my grandma to sew on buttons that break haha! Your project looks like fun :)

    via Etsy blog team